March 13, 2014

Mobilization time table for NYSC 2014 batch A

Hello and welcome again. Today I want to share with you the mobilization time table for NYSC batch A. read this and learn when events will be taking place so you will not miss out. Although this have started for sometime now but the whole process will be ending 1st April 2014 so I will list the events and what to expect.

  1. registration of foreign Nigerian trained Nigerian graduate starts 9th December 2013 to 14th February 2014
  2. Submission of your master list, screening/ vetting by the mobilization officers. 6th—11th January 2014
  3. coding by ICT Department 6th-17th January
  4. delivery of preliminary printouts to mobilization department/CPIs 20th- 22nd January
  5. institution returns corrected printouts to mobilization department 29th-31st January 2014
  6. correction of errors and print outs of call up letter by ICT department 3rd-23rd February 2014
  7. sorting and packaging of call up letter by ICT department 24th -28th February 2014
  8. deliver the call up letter to the institution/NYSC secretariat 3rd-5th march 2014
  9. Now the 2014 batch A orientation course 11th march -1st April 2014.

Everything will be concluded on or before 1st April. I must say congratulations. 
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