March 13, 2014

Posted to Jos for NYSC? This info might help

Hello and welcome to naira mind. Today I want to talk to all my copper friends who are posted to Jos plateau state Nigeria. If you are a Nigerian you must have heard so many things about jos. The crisis, the tribal clashes, the cold weather and so on.Maybe you are wondering how the home of peace will look like and how long it will take you to travel down to jos. And locate the New NYSC secretariat. I hope you will learn a lot about jos and what to do and how to behave yourself.

Pateau is a north eastern state in Nigeria having its capital as jos. It is a state with 17 local governments and popularly known as the home of peace and tourism.
Indeed you will see a lot of tourism areas like the kura falls and asop falls. The gorvernor Dr Jonah David Jang is doing a lot of roads and bridge constructions across the state in meeting up with the great jos master plan. The NYSC orientation camp is located in mangu local government. From the state capital to the new camp is about 32 kilometers. Compared to
other states, plateau and Mangu local government has cheap food, and nice weather to accommodate everyone from Nigeria.

Coming from the east, you will have to drop at the maraban jarmar round about and take a car to the orientation camp. Coming from the north, you have drop at bauchi park and take a cap to maraban jarmar I think its about N250 then you you take another cap to the camp At mangu.It’s just N200 only. I must say transportation is very cheap. Generally I will advice you budget N500 for transport from jos to the orientation camp.

Predominant tribe is MANGU and generally speaking Christians are the majority. You will see few muslems in and around the local government. Talking about peace in jos, I know people all over Nigeria especially from the east,west and south will think that jos is the most insecure place to be. Infact they think the state, its structures and people are already destroyed by war and crisis but trust me. I grew up in jos and
I must say. It’s a place to be. In 2011/12 some coppers where killed some because of carelessness. I know of cop members that escaped to the barracks during a crisis situation and one of them decided to go back home to that went into the crisis area to pick his laptop from his house and he was killed. That is carelessness

You must be careful where you go, things you say and with whom to relate.just mind your business and stay out of arguments. The camp is well structured and protected. The security is tight and everyone on the plateau will be glad to welcome you.If you are coming and you encounter any problem along the line, just contact me and I will give you more directions. I welcome you to the home of peace and tourism. God will see you through till the end.

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You might be interested in knowing the the 20 businesses you can do at the camp click here. make sure you subscribe here for my future article sent directly into your inbox.i will also be writting on the different things you need to take with you to NYSC camp.please drop your comments so that we will get to learn from you too.I hope you have learned something here today? If yes, why not drop your comments here.
We shall be happy to hear from you. 
 I wish you well.
To your income success
Charles Emmanuel

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