February 18, 2014

How To Create a Custom Email For Your Blog

Hello and welcome again to this very special blog. I am so much exited to have
 you here. Today I shall be talking to you briefly on how to set up a custom email
 for your website or blog. If your blog or website url is www.incomebooks.com you
 will need to get a email address which will rebrand your business and make you look 
professional. In that case your custom domain will be either yourname@yourwebsitename .com
 of customized emails. 
email custom

If you own a blog or website I will advice that you do this immediately will teach 
you how to set up a custom domain and then redirect it to your normal Gmail email
 address so that when you receive an email from the custom email, it will come direct
 into your Gmail or yahoo email address. So let’s begin

To get a custom email, you need a hosting account and a domain. If you
 already have
 a custom domain and hosting then we can proceed if not you can go and get
 a cheap hosting at SOJHOST. They will give you a year hosting and domain for
 N2500 only. I also use web4africa to get hosting and domain. In fact you can but
 your host from anywhere in the world; all we need is a domain and host.
After getting your domain and host follow the steps below.

Go to your cpanel that is (yourblogurl.com/cpanel) hope your remember
Login using your email and password which will be given to you by your host
Click on email account which can be found under email section
You will be taken to a new page to add new account

Fill the email account form with the new customize email you want. I used 
Charles my name for branding. Enter a very good password make sure
 you combine words and letters or symbols. Tick 250MB and click create

If everything works well you will see a success message
We have just created a personalized message for your website if someone 
uses that email to send you a mail you will need to go to yoururl.com/webmail
 and then login with your user name and password to see the emails you have
 and reply to your senders. But that is stressful for me so I want to show us how
 to redirect our webmail emails to our normal Gmail accounts.

Go back to your cpanel homepage and click on webmail under Emails
Next page will lead you to secure webmail login. Click it
It will now bring you to a page were you will choose which of the email clients to
 use. You can choose anyone. I use horde to power my emails. Just click horde 
 and login with your user name and password that is all.

How to redirect emails to our Gmail account

Go back to your cpanel home page under email click forwarders
It will lead us to our forwarder page were you will click add forwarder 
 and you will be lead to a page to fill a little details.

1.       Enter your newly created personalized email mine is ” Charles”
2.       Tick on forward to email address and add your normal Gmail address mine is mynewblog4you@gmail.com
Now click add forwarder and that is all you will be taken to a page were
 you will be told that your setup is successful and any email sent to your custom
 email will be sent to your normal email address. So anyone who sent me a mail at Charles@incomebookskit.com  I will receive it at mynewblog@gmail.com  simple.
I believe you have learnt this today, if you have any confusion just drop your
 comments here. I will be glad to hear from you again

I hope you have learned something here today? If yes, why not drop your comments here. 
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 I wish you well.
To your income success
Charles Emmanuel
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